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Due to the current global shortage in the supply of high quality hair, I am no longer able to supply a pricelist. Prices for all methods of hair extensions will be given upon Consultation or Enquiry, depending on the look you wish to acheive.

The prices to access raw hair materials have been rapidly increasing during the Pandemic, with all lengths of 18" and longer being affected with the highest increases. This is down to a number of reasons including a lack of donors, poor quality donated hair and also shipping costs also 3 times higher than pre-pandemic.

This is leading to hair suppliers increasing their hair prices almost monthly so it is impossible to provide a set price list in this ever changing market.

Please be assured that I am still providing all methods of extensions as previously and will never compromise on quality for the sake of a cheaper price. I am working very hard to keep all prices reasonable whilst still giving you good quality hair!

MC x

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All prices are intended as a guide. All extension services are customised to client requirements so prices may vary from those shown. Accurate pricing will be given on consultation.

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