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Frequently asked Questions 

What Hair Extensions do you use?

I use award winning celebrity favourite brand BeautyWorks. I have been awarded the prestigious "Master Extensionist" with this brand. I also have the mychelle caroline Signature Collection which is premium luxury for clients wanting extra glamour or something different to the usual brands.

How are the Hair Extensions attached?

I offer Keratin Fusion Bonding, the most popular method among wearers, where the hair is attached and blended discreetly into your own hair in individual strands about the size of a grain of rice. Tiny tips, which are currently one of the most discreet methods available, similar to Micro Rings, where individual strands are clamped into your hair using very tiny rings that blend discreetly into your hair, although much smaller. And the ever popular 'LA Weave' method which is a virtually undetectable weft of hair sewn into your own hair. This is also known as Hollywood Weave or Braidless Weave

How long will my extensions last?

Each client is different. With keratin bonds most clients can expect 3-6 months, with tiny tips, these can be refitted or pushed up so 9-12 months wear is achievable and with a LA weave, the hair is re-usable so this can be re-tightened or removed and replaced for 9-12 months. All depends on the correct aftercare, the amount of hair growth and the clients lifestyle. The hair within my signature collection has an average lifespan of 12-18 months with the correct aftercare.

Will extensions ruin my hair?

Absolutely Not!! Providing your extensions have been fitted correctly by a qualified person and you have followed the correct aftercare guidelines and removal then you will probably be suprised at how much better your hair is. Some clients use hair extensions whilst growing their hair or growing particular styles out.

Can I style my hair or wear it up?

Yes, with all methods available the extensions are hidden well which allows you to achieve a number of different styles and play around with your lovely new locks. You can use hair straighteners, your hair dryer and curling tongs as normal.

Can I colour my hair extensions?

If you wish to colour either your own hair or your hair extensions then this must be done by a professional. Kelsea our in-house stylist can do this for you or you may wish to use your own hairdresser. DO NOT use box dyes on your extensions or on any part of where the extension connects to your own hair as these will probably affect the condition of your extensions. You can have root regrowth or hairline sections done but please ensure that this is carried out by a professional. 

Do I need lots of special Shampoo or brushes etc?

You will need a special Shampoo designed for hair extensions, a good conditioner/treatment and also a hair extension brush. I am able to supply all of these & I also provide you with full aftercare information.

Is it normal to lose some extensions?

Yes, completely normal. Every day we lose between 100-200 hairs through the natural shedding process, some of your bonds or rings may come away during this natural process. Unless you have an huge loss of your extensions this is nothing to worry about, dont panic!

Will the extensions look really obvious?

No! There are some inexperienced fitters who can offer a 'hair extension service' which does not include any blending, cutting or styling of extensions, this is when you get the very blatant look between your own hair and the extension. I have over 13 years of experience with hair extensions and hair care and ensure all hair extensions are made to blend in and look as natural as possible. I specialise in hair extension application, removal and maintenance.

Do Hair Extensions hurt?

No, not at all. For some clients especially those with shorter hair that transform to princess hair, there may be some getting used to the amount of new hair that you have but throughout your fitting I will check that your extensions feel comfortable and as natural as possible. For LA Weave clients there may be some discomfort or a tight feeling for a day or two after fitting.

Can you fit hair that I have already purchased?

Yes, as long as your hair is a professional brand I am happy to fit this for you. Unfortunately I will not fit any hair bought from markets, high street hair shops, ebay, amazon or non-professional bodies as the quality of hair & therefore my work would be compromised and you as a client would not get the best service. Please feel free to contact me if you are looking to purchase your own hair.

Is your brain frazzled yet??? Pop in and see me and I will be happy to make things seem much more simple!

MCM xx